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Starsky Torino - 175 S&H Torinos from 33 States and 8 Countries

Movie Mike - Visit Mike's Site for more pictures and info. about the two S&H Movie Gran Torinos
and Mike's other Movie Vehicles. Detective Brent - S&H Torino Replica HQ, with hundreds of pics of the process of making a S&H relica! Also: parts sources, stripe kits, and more! Zebra 3 of San Diego - Building Replica S&H Torinos for you to purchase! Liz B.'s S&H Torino Web Site - Visit Liz's Site for more pictures and info about her 1976 S&H Gran Torino Terry F.'s S&H Torino Web Site - Visit Terry's Site for more pictures and info about his 1976 S&H Gran Torino. Stuart J.'s S&H Torino Web Site - Visit Stu's Site for more pictures and info about his 1975 Ford Gran Torino. Ian R.'s S&H Torino Web Site - Visit Ian's Site for more pictures and info about his 1973 S&H Gran Torino Replica. Also: Buy a "Starsky" Cardigan Sweater! StarskyandHitched.com - S&H Torinos available for hire for weddings
and other special events in the UK & Ireland. StarskyTorinoUK.com - Learn about S&H Torinos in the UK! Lots of good advice for anyone in the UK buying a Torino in the USA and importing it. Fairlane Club of America - Dedicated to the preservation, restoration,and enjoyment of 1962 through 1976 Ford Fairlanes and Torinos.

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